About Our Founder

Yahya Addison, M.Sc. is a career educator and authorized Rei-Ki and EFT practitioner.  A native of Texas, he completed his undergraduate study at the University of Texas at Austin and was the first student in the history of the university to receive Special Honors in his major field of study as a Rappaport-King Scholar.

Being dedicated to the unicity of knowledge, Yahya holds formal teaching licenses  from the Texas State Board of Educator Certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Secondary Biology, Secondary English, and Secondary History.  In 2003, he received a gifted and talented endorsement from the State of Texas, and he holds a Master of Science in Education Leadership and Management from the University of Leicester, U.K. He has served as a teacher, leader, and educational consultant in the 6 countries.

In 2007, Yahya was authorized as a Usui Rei-Ki practitioner with an unbroken chain of teachers extending to Sensei Mikao Usui through the original Japanese masters.  In 2008, he was initiated as a second degree practitioner, authorizing him to engage in Rei-Ki therapies for absentee recipients.  In 2012, he received authorization as a level two EFT therapist from Beryl Comar, the first authorized EFT instructor in the Middle East.

Yahya and his wife, Aminah - a native of Australia, are the proud parents of four children.

Feel free to contact Yahya any time.