Are you struggling with a substance or behavior that is negatively affecting your life and those you love?  Have you tried time and again to quit but found no success?  People like you have been able to break the cycle through EFT and Rei-Ki.

Alcoholism, smoking, pornography addiction, and other compulsive behaviors (even addiction to crack cocaine) have been eliminated for many through the use of one or both of these tools.  Twelve step programs, while beneficial, can take years.  EFT and Rei-Ki aim at the heart of the heart of the problem:  imbalance in the body's energy systems and typically work faster.

This is not to say that you don't bear any responsibility for your actions and are merely subject to the whim of energy currents within and without your body.  Nothing could be further from the truth. You, and only you, are responsible for your actions.  The act of accepting that responsibility and resolving to rectify your actions is the biggest step you can take towards recovery.

Be that as it may, EFT and Rei-Ki work, if only because of the resolve to change implicit in seeking them out.  It may also be that there is a cyclical relationship between one's actions and energy system, repeated transgressions against one's innate state of goodness damaging and blocking the channels that allow the flow of positive energy; which, in turn, leads to depressed states and further transgressions. As one of the great theologians in centuries past said, "The second sin is the punishment for the first."  Chances are, if you are struggling with an addiction, you are probably struggling with depression, anxiety, procrastination, or other emotional imbalances.  Rei-Ki and EFT treat the whole of the strained systems contributing to these problems, but YOU have to break the cycle.  EFT and Rei-Ki are tools for you to do so; but, ultimately, your addiction, your recovery, and the tools to achieve it must be placed at the hands of the One who created them.  This is the common thread to all methods of addiction recovery.

While there are many means to recovery; Rei-Ki and EFT are among the most effective.   If you'd like to see if Rei-Ki and EFT can help you on the road to recovery, simply register with us to receive your FREE EFT Quick Reference Guide or contact us if you would like us to address a more specific question.  Just by reading to the end of this page, you've demonstrated to yourself that you are serious about leaving your addiction behind.  We look forward to helping you towards the relief and fullness of life that total freedom from addiction provides.