Pain and Illness

How It Works

EFT and Rei-Ki operate by similar means.  The premise upon which both act is that all ailments, physical and mental, can be attributed to imbalance in the energy systems of the body.  Other healing sciences; such as homeopathy, chakra healing, and traditional Chinese medicine; are based upon similar understandings.

EFT aims to balance the channels of energy flow throughout the body through a process drawing upon and similar to acupuncture and acupressure.  In Rei-Ki, the practitioner draws upon healing energies in the environment, channeling them towards the body's energy centers to promote well-being.  In short, Rei-Ki recharges and balances your body's reservoirs of positive energy and EFT works to open the channels along which they flow.


From a Distance

In our sessions, we can guide the client through the EFT tapping process to eliminate symptom after symptom.  The practitioner can also channel Rei-Ki energy to the client from afar with or without the client's aid in localized hand placements.  For best results, we can use EFT and Rei-Ki together, using the distance methods of Rei-Ki in the application of EFT.  It all depends on what you're most comfortable with.


Compatibility and Effectiveness

Rei-Ki and EFT practitioners do not necessarily oppose the use of Western drug prescriptions for illness.  This may largely be due to legal restrictions; but regardless, most submit that energy healing arts can enhance the effectiveness of medicines and surgeries.  Still, many would question the longevity of such treatments' effects without a balance in the energy system.  Basically, there is a feeling that each has its place:  sometimes acting alone, other times in tandem with one another.

Whatever the perspective of the practitioner and the individual seeking treatment, the fact remains that amazing results have been reported by recipients of both treatments for ailments ranging from migraines and arthritis to cancer and Parkinson's disease; and increasingly, hospitals, hospices, and clinics are enlisting the support of Rei-Ki and EFT practitioners to aid in the healing of trauma and easing of pain.  Applying the word "cure" to such experiences is legally prohibited in many jurisdictions due to successful lobbying on the part of pharmaceutical companies and other medical corporations; but the tangible effects reported by thousands of recipients speak for themselves, and this has been recognized by many in the medical and counseling professions.

If you've not tried Rei-Ki or EFT in the past, you have little to lose.  According to most practitioners of both, no harm can be done in the process.  Most all medical practitioners claim the same, adopting an attitude of "it couldn't hurt," and the positive effects of prayer and positive thinking are something that has been extensively reported in reputed medical journals.

If you're suffering from pain or an illness , whether chronic or acute, we're ready to help.  We offer everyone a FREE EFT Quick Reference Guide to experience for themselves what Rei-Ki and EFT have to offer.  You can also contact us if you have a more specific question to be answered. When your ready to take the next step, you can easily book your first session with us right here.  We look forward to helping you on the road to being a healthier and happier person.