reiki-symbolRei-Ki is a recent manifestation of the most ancient healing arts.  For millennia, traditional healers have placed their hands on the sick and suffering to cure their illnesses and ease their pain.  Usui Rei-Ki, developed at the beginning of the past century, continues that tradition in a way compatible with people of most philosophies and religious persuasions.

Like EFT, the practice of Rei-Ki attributes the cause of much pain, illness, and emotional distress to imbalances in the body's energy system. The focus of Rei-Ki, however, is different from EFT.  EFT seeks to balance the channels of energy flow in the body so that healing energies can freely access parts of the body in need and achieve balance.  Rei-Ki seeks to recharge the body's reserves of these energies from the surrounding environment and to transform negative energies into positive energies.  One can see how the two can compliment each other quite well.  Rei-Ki ensures that reservoirs are at their capacity and EFT ensures that the channels serving those reservoirs can effectively deliver the energy to where it is needed.

Rei-Ki was developed in the early 20th century  as a result of Buddhist spiritual rigors undergone by its founder, Sensei Mikao Usui (d. 1926).  Despite its Buddhist origins, however, Rei-Ki is akin to healing methodologies practiced across the world.  Before the history of Master Usui's path to discovering Rei-Ki was fully known, many historians of the science posited that his investigation into hands-on healing began with a desire to understand the healing miracles of Jesus of Nazareth.  The art also has parallels to the traditional Islamic healing practice, Ruqiyah, in addition to other Oriental energy healing arts.

Rei-Ki was brought to the West by a Japanese-Hawaiian, Sensei Takata, in the 1930s after her successful healing from chronic illness and subsequent training as a master by Usui's protege, Sensei Hayashi.  Hayashi's clinic went on to treat victims of the most devastating use of weapons of mass destruction ever known to man:  the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.  Virtually all Rei-Ki practitioners outside of Japan trace their lineage to Sensei Usui through Hayashi's student, Sensei Takata. While the forms of Rei-Ki have come to differ as it has been developed and added-upon by subsequent masters, all authentic practitioners still utilize methods of channeling Rei-Ki energy similar to those of Sensei Usui.

Still, what exactly Rei-Ki is remains something of a mystery.  Ki is a Japanese transliteration of the Chinese Qi or Chi, the energy that fuels life.  Some have likened this to the human spirit, but this author doubts it.  Rei has the connotation in Japanese of "mysterious", so translations rendering the characters as Universal Life-force in English are contested by experts of the language.  In traditional Japanese Rei-Ki, the practitioner uses spiritual intuition to channel healing Ki energy to the needed area of the body.  In Western Rei-Ki, this is accomplished through systematized hand placements, but both branches teach and advocate distance therapy upon a practitioner's ascension to Second Degree Rei-Ki, Okuden (奥伝).  It is thus that consulting with therapy recipients online and conducting treatment from afar can be just as effective as hands-on therapy.  In fact, it may well be that it is more effective, the practitioner being forced to place more reliance on the Source of Rei-Ki than his own abilities and hand placements.

Whatever the mystery regarding its origins and meaning, there is no mystery as to its effectiveness.  As mentioned elsewhere on this site, people have recovered from chronic illness, depression, addictions, and many other ailments after receiving Rei-Ki treatments.  We believe that this works in much the same way that Western medicine does in that it is a means to an ends which is not created by any person but is a manifestation of Divine will; which initiates the illness, the cause of the cure, and the cure itself.

In this way the practitioners working with us are somewhat different from the Usui tradition in that we are firmly dedicated to belief in the agency of the Divine in any healing process - be it "scientific" or "alternative".  Rather than ascribing power to the practitioner, his methods, or symbols used in Rei-Ki; we believe that our sufficiency comes from this source.  We're not claiming to be miracle workers here.  As was aforementioned, any recovery from illness or imbalance is a miracle.  Western medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Rei-Ki and many other sciences are but tools we use with complete trust in Divine mercy.

Practitioners of all the aforementioned therapeutic sciences are now coming to accept Rei-Ki as a useful tool in pain management, recovery from trauma, addiction recovery, and addressing emotional imbalance.  Increasingly, psychological counselors, clinics, and hospitals are enlisting the support of Rei-Ki and EFT practitioners to help their patients and clients recover more quickly. While the usual naysayers to all but the dominant paradigm use their loud voices to say otherwise, the voices of those who have experienced success are far more powerful if still more subtle.

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