Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions constitute the general agreement for use of services offered by Yahya Addison, the sole proprietor of LoteTreeHealing.org, and received you (the client).  Particulars for treatment and treatment plans may be accessed on the web page offering such treatments and plans.

General Disclaimer

While we believe strongly in the positive change that can be experienced via the services and treatments described on our site, any and all treatment and services described on LoteTreeHealing.org or offered by practitioners contacted through the site are offered with no guarantee of success or warranty against undesirable effects.  Practitioners contracted through LoteTreeHealing.org, unless otherwise stated, are not licensed medical or mental health professionals, and their services and advice do not constitute medical treatment or advice.  Likewise, any information provided on the site or in sites linked on LoteTreeHealing.org does not constitute medical treatment and advice.  By using this site and subscribing to its services, you agree to hold LoteTreeHealing.org, its owners, its hosting company, any employees or contractors working under its auspices, and any practitioners contracted through the site free from liability for any harm or damage to person or property that you may attribute to services or content offered through LoteTreeHealing.org.  You further acknowledge that you are solely responsible for seeking qualified medical and/or mental health advice and treatment for any ailments or disorders from which you are suffering.

Content and Copyright

Any and all original content accessed via our website remains the under the copyright of Yahya M. Addison, the sole proprietor of LoteTreeHealing.org and may not be downloaded, copied, recorded, photographed, stored, or transmitted by any means without the expressed and written consent of Yahya M. Addison.

Membership Information

  • Free Session

One free 50-minute online treatment session is offered to new members who have registered for one of our introductory offers explicitly including the free session as part of its promotion.  Multiple offers for a free session may not be used by a single member.  If a member has registered for a free session and subsequently purchases an introductory package containing a free session, the member may avail of all benefits and services in that package less the free session.

Free sessions may be used within 90 days of registering for the session.  To avail of the session, you must schedule your session within available times provided on our online booking system 48 hours prior to the end of your 90 days. To facilitate access to the booking system, you are automatically redirected to the booking page upon successful sign in to our site.  You are entitled to one cancellation and rescheduling of your session with 24 hours notice via the booking page.  Subsequent to your second cancellation, your free session will be forfeit.

Free sessions secured without purchase of an accompanying treatment plan are offered under the condition and understanding that the practitioner and/or LoteTreeHealing.org reserve(s) the right, with or without further permission of the client, to record the sessions' audio, text, video, and/or other muti-media interactions for educational and/or promotional use.  Should any such recording be used for such a purpose, the client's name, location, and other personal information which could explicitly identify the client will be anonymized or deleted.  By proceeding with your free session, you agree to this condition.  Free sessions secured with purchase of treatment plan will not be recorded without the recorded consent of the client at the beginning of the session.

Client must have a high-speed  internet connection or a working U.S. phone number to avail of the free session.

  • Paid Sessions

Paid sessions must be used by the end of the time specified in the purchase offer.  Expiry of time to use sessions shall be effective from the date of purchase to end of the period stated in the offer. No refunds will be offered for unused sessions following the end of the treatment period.  Clients are entitled to cancel sessions and reschedule 3 times prior to the end of their treatment plan's period as stated in the offer with 24 hours notice of cancellation and 48 hour notice for the rescheduling of the canceled session.

The client must have access to a high-speed internet connection or valid U.S. phone number to avail of his or her sessions.  No refund shall be issued to the client for sessions missed due to an inability to meet theses specifications.  The client is responsible for being on time for the session.  Failure to cancel a session with 24 hours notice shall result in loss of the session (if part of a pre-paid treatment plan) or charge of the client's credit card for the full session (if purchased on a post-paid basis) if the client is more that 10 minutes late for the session.  If the practitioner misses a session or is more than 10 minutes late, the client has the right to a refund for the price of the session (as stated in the Treatment Plan description) or rescheduling of the session.

Prior to the expiry of the client's treatment plan, the client my opt for a one-time transfer of all remaining sessions to a single individual of their choosing.  The expiry period of the treatment plan will subsequently be extended for thirty days.  The transferee may not transfer the sessions to any other person and is not entitled to any refund for unused sessions.  The original member may not reclaim sessions transferred or claim a refund for any sessions transferred.

At any time during the treatment plan's effective time, a client may cancel his/her treatment plan and claim a refund for unused sessions at the plan's stated price per session.  A client may not claim a refund for sessions scheduled to occur within 24 hours of the cancellation.  Upon cancellation, the client's access to the member's section of LoteTreeHealing.org and any content therein shall be cancelled.  Any special offers guaranteed upon completion of the treatment plan shall also be forfeit by the client.

  • Member's Section Access

Your purchase of access to the member's section of our website permits you and you alone access to content provided in the said section.  If you have subscribed to the member's section without any other services, your access is guaranteed for the duration you purchased.  If you subscribed to the member's section with purchase of a treatment plan or other service package, your access to the member's section content will be valid for the validity of your treatment plan or package.  Cancellation of your package will result in termination of your access to the member's section.

By subscribing to the member's section, you accept that access to the member's section is offered with no guarantees of effectiveness, quality, or quantity of content therein and that no warranties against damage or harm to person or property are made.

Member's section access will be granted a maximum of 10 days from the date of purchase.  If access remains undeliverable as a result the provider's actions or inaction, the client shall have the right to a full refund of the entire value for subscription to the members area as stated in the offer.

  • Treatment Completion Incentives

DVDs, CDs, books, and any other services or products (excluding vouchers) offered in treatment plans additional to actual treatment sessions and access to the website members area are offered as incentive to complete the program purchased.  Such incentives are the entitlement of the client only upon full completion of the entire treatment plan. Cancellation of the plan shall result in forfeit of any such entitlement.

If, at the end of the plan, the provider fails to deliver the said treatment incentives, the value of the incentive as stated in the plan's description shall be refunded to the member.

Delivery of the incentives is contingent upon the member providing a valid U.S. shipping address prior to the expiry of his/her treatment plan.  If the client does not provide a valid U.S. shipping address prior to such a time, the client's entitlement to the incentives is forfeit.

  • Vouchers

Vouchers offered as part of a treatment plan or service package are offered in conjunction with completion of the first paid session.  Vouchers will be issued to the client upon the completion of one paid session in the treatment plan.

Retreat Packages

Unless otherwise stated, retreat packages do not include travel to and from the location.  In many cases, accommodation is provided at the retreat site and included in the price paid to LoteTreeHealing.org.  Please refer to the event's page for specific details of inclusions.  All sales are final for retreats.  A refund period may be in effect for certain events.  Below is a list of refund periods for upcoming events. You must contact us in writing at info@lotetreehealing.org to request your refund.

  • Vermont EFT Retreat (July 31 - August 3)

Refunds can be issued prior to finalization of accommodation booking by LoteTreeHealing.org with accommodation provider.  48 hours notice by E-mail will be provided as to this date.

  • Swiss Alps EFT Retreat (August 21 - 24)

Refund deadline is 30 days after payment or August 1, whichever is first.

  • Jordan Wellness Retreat (September 5 - 6)

Refund deadline is August 20, 2015

  • UK EFT Retreat

Refund deadline is May 10.

Third Party Content

LoteTreeHealing.org may provide access to third party content via its pages and communications.  By using our site, you agree to hold LoteTreeHealing.org, its owner(s), its employees, and any contractors working under its auspices free from liability for any harm or damage to person or property caused by accessing or utilizing third party content.

Privacy Policy

We will not share your e-mail address or personal information with any third party outside of support contractors and practitioners working to facilitate the services offered through LoteTreeHealing.org.  By registering with us, you agree that we may contact you from time to time with educational and promotional materials as well as queries regarding your membership and services to which you are subscribed.  You may opt out of E-mails at any time by sending us a message at info@lotetreehealing.org.

Changes to Terms

Terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time.  You will not be responsible for any changes to terms affecting services you are currently receiving. Only upon registration for new services will you be responsible for new terms. Please ensure that you review the Terms and Conditions each time you subscribe to a new service.